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Ten minute SIGGRAPH version of Celestial Mechanics, shown in August, 2005.

Small (200 x 200)

The MFA version of Celestial Mechanics was the first incarnation of the project, shown in a 15-foot inflatable at the 2005 UCLA MFA Show.

Animation Screen Captures

Screen caps from the SIGGRAPH version of Celestial Mechanics.


Various photos from the SIGGRAPH 2005 showing of Celestial Mechanics, featured in the NVIDIA Immersive Dome Experience. Some photos taken by David McConville.

UCLA MFA version

The preliminary Celestial Mechanics at the UCLA MFA show. Photography by Xai. Click for larger images.

Additional Links & Media

Aaron Koblin's continuing FAA flight-data research.
MFA Version Spec Sheet PDF
SIGGRAPH Version Spec Sheet PDF